To fight another chap’s war, and lose… Pakistan style

Majority of the time it was Pakistan’s leadership which chose to join. Their aim was to gain arms, ammunition, airplanes, ships and expertise of war, so they can defeat India.


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In Pakistan, the intelligencia cribs that nation has suffered in fighting other “countries” war. They are right up to a point. Majority of the time it was Pakistan’s leadership which chose to join. Their aim was to gain arms, ammunition, airplanes, ships and expertise of war, so they can defeat India. We study three instances where Pakistan joined other people’s war and fourth one where it is more than willing to join.

Number. 1

In fifties Pakistan joined American military pacts SEATO, CENTO, which were meant to counter the Russian block. It received plenty of armaments, fighter planes etc. for fighting against soviet block if needed, but against India they were to be used only defensively. Pakistan allowed its land to be used against USSR, but when U2 was shot down it invited the wrath of Khrushchev. By and large it benefited till in 1965 it attacked India. That’s when Americans disliked it as what was meant for defence was used for offence. Pakistan didn’t win the war and Americans gently closed the tap.

It had another war with India in 1971 which led to it being broken in two parts. This time Americans only offered lip sympathy.

Number. 2

Pakistan had felt betrayed but in late seventies Russians moved in Afghanistan. Again, Pakistan joined America in its fight against Russia. In turn it received military hardware plus lots of money. When the Russians left Afghanistan, America too withdrew clearly telling Pakistan that cold war was over and that Pakistan should back off. Pakistan couldn’t. It was carrying too many jehadis whom it wanted to use against India. It turned focus on India but failed to realise that this indirect war was sapping its energy. Result was that it got weakened, financially as well as militarily.

Number. 3

9/11 was worse than Pearl Harbour for America. First time war had come to its land. Normal people saw death and destruction. America was furious and had to act. It soon saw that Pakistan is the place from where Islamic terrorists took strength, money, arms and guidance. Though Pakistan’s direction was anti India, there existed too much hatred for America as well. America forced Pakistan to join its war on terror. This time Pakistan was an unwilling partner. Again, it received good amount of money and war material. After subjugating Afghanistan, America reduced focus. Meanwhile Pakistan inherited refugees, terrorists and bad name. Finding Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan was the worst blot on its image.

Number. 4

Our neighbour hasn’t learnt anything yet. As China India are moving towards a confrontation, Pakistan has decided to join China’s side. Chinese Air Force will have difficulty in operating from mainland China or Tibet, hence its airplanes, both fighter and transport are slowly taking over Skardu air base at POK. In case of war this base will be used by Chinese air force actively. In case China is loser, Pakistan will suffer.

Whichever way war shape up Pakistan will also suffer as US block is against China.

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