Abrogation of Article 370: lets be sensible & sensitive as we celebrate

I think we do need to celebrate but only by sharing those messages which convey to a local Kashmiri how he stands to benefit.

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Whatever happened yesterday is for good of the nation in general and people of JnK in particular.

While public sentiment across India seems to be overwhelmingly in support of the decision to abrogate article 370 and 35 A, the jury is still out on what the reaction in Kashmir valley will be to this momentous decision. In this context it is important to note that the reaction in the valley may well — at least to some extent — be shaped by our responses and reactions. It is thus imperative that we do nothing in terms of our response which could be construed as either jingoistic or mocking by those living in the valley. This becomes all the more important as anti India forces will like the valley people to believe that the union government has done grave injustice to them and snatched away something which accorded them a special status.

So, it is now the responsibility of mainstream India to make Kashmiris feel secure and send them a message that the decision taken by the union government is in their interest .

It is with this backdrop in mind that we need to make sure that messages on social media do not appear to be celebrating the developments of this week by mocking the locals. I think we do need to celebrate but only by sharing those messages which convey to a local Kashmiri how he stands to benefit. Else this exercise to integrate can become an exercise to further alienate.

Whatever happened yesterday is for good of the nation in general and people of J&K in particular. The writ of the Central Govt will now run stronger there. The government can now better manage the security situation there. But we must understand that it’s a highly emotive issue for locals. Locals may feel that this will increase their hardship. Spread n circulate only those messages which convey to locals what all they stand to gain from this as their ‘special status’ is now a thing of the past. A common Kashmiri politician may not tell the locals the benefits this action will bring to them. They may infact try to create a negative environment. Few examples are-

1. They will get RTE ie right to education. Universities like Amity can be set up there. Their children won’t have to go far away for higher studies.

2. huge tourist infrastructure can be set up there, thereby increasing avenues of jobs which will prevent their children from getting attracted to violence. No one wants his child to become a terrorist.

3. They now get the RTI using which they can question their political leaders and bureaucrats which will increase transparency and so reduce corruption.

4. Reservations to the SC ST OBC Tribals and economically poor will get extended to them.

5. Central government schemes like Ayushmaan Bharat or transfer of direct benefits will be available to them.

6. Their land will get better price if they wish to sell. There is no reason to believe that now all the land will be bought by outsiders and change the demography of Kashmir. Look at Punjab & Haryana or other Indian states – anyone can buy land but no one can be forced to sell it; demography hasn’t changed in those states.

There are many more central schemes that will be applicable . However, time and peaceful environment are necessary which will come if the locals understand that their special status was more of a hindrance to better life.

The government’s action is not meant to integrate the land mass of J&K but actually to integrate its population for their greater good.

(This story is not written by Sirf Sach team except the introductory couple of paragraphs and the headline, this message is being forwarded on Whats App groups and we not only agree with its content but also believe that it should be circulated as widely as possible.)

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